Where Are They Now – Vicki Laris

By December 11, 2015Where are they now

Vicki first met Tracey at a Redken event 6 years ago, Laris had just become a Redken artist and was introduced by a mutual friend Michelle Pugh. Cunningham and Laris instantly hit it off and Tracey, as she does, took her under her guidance and soon became mentor the young colorist.

Vicki had the opportunity of flying back and fourth from Chicago to La where she ultimately got to assist Tracey at further Redken events.

“Being from the Midwest I was able to do some of her clients here in Chicago and thru them made some great connections and had great opportunities to work on some film sets and A list clients – Tracey always shares her knowledge as well as her clients – she wants us to love what we do and grow from sharing”.

Recently Vicki had the opportunity to assist Tracey in beautiful Dubai and with each working trip she has ever accompanied her on – Laris learns more and more. She can say hand on her heart how incredible Tracey is!

“Not only has Tracey been an incredible influence in my career but she has become a close and valued friend of mine”.

A quote I love and think of TC Is.

“A friend accepts us as we are and yet helps us to be what we should.”

“Without Tracey I  wouldn’t be where I am today in my career. I have been in the hair industry for 15 years and the last 6 as a Redken Artist. Today I get the pleasure of being able to work with Tracey, I’m still learning from her and also travel the country  to different salons teaching other stylist the Redken way.

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