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By February 2, 2016#TCFAV, Where are they now

“It’s not easy…”

those three words still resonate in my mind”

Those words were spoken by her colorist at the time, Tracey Cunningham, when Tabb was just  a beauty school student,  eager, nervous, excited, and intimidated.

Tabb elaborates, “This was my moment to make an impression (I thought to myself), while absorbing any and all knowledge Tracey had to offer.  Sitting in her chair that day, listening and asking questions, that was my favorite and most memorable moment”. Cunningham indeed listened and gave advise to this young student.

After seeing Tracey’s work Kristina knew she had to train under her.

“During that color appointment, I confessed that I wanted to assist her. Tracey was so caring and helpful, she offered invaluable advice of her experience within the industry. After  listening to her stories, reading her schedules, and seeing her in action, well,  that moment changed my life. I knew what I had to do to assist her”.

To keep her “foot in the door” Tabb visited Tracey every week until she  graduated from Beauty School and shortly there after Cunningham offered her an assistant position.

“Boy, was Tracey  right – it’s not easy”.

“Tracey is the hardest working person I have ever met. I was amazed and inspired by her work ethic, Tracey is 100% committed to her craft and clients. She always  taught me to be selfless”. “We are here  for our clients – she always reminded me when I needed reminding”.

Kristina assisted Tracey for almost 4 years, and still to this day, the colorist, declares that Tracey never ceases to amaze her!

“I am so fortunate to have such a caring, talented, and personally invested mentor and friend. I am so proud of what a wonderful colorist and inspiration she is. And I am forever grateful for the knowledge and support from Tracey Cunningham, my mentor and first and foremost my dear friend”

Kristina Tabb Is currently working in Los Angeles at Salon Benjamin and New York.

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