‘4D Hair Color’ Is the Secret to Highlights That Look Unbelievably Natural

By July 21, 2017In the News


Ninety-nine percent of the time, following colorists on Instagram is a fun game of “huh, wish I had that life.” The looks that people like Tracey Cunningham and Kristin Ess whip up are dream-worthy, featuring the unbeatable combo of a salon-fresh blowout, vibrant color, and someone glowing with the happiness of life post-transformation. It’s a good genre to follow, but one that’s a little harder to live—weirdly enough, pulling out a folder of bookmarked highlight ideals at the colorist doesn’t always make it happen. But, unbelievably natural highlights just got a little more achievable, thanks to a foolproof technique celebrity colorist Matt Rez just let people in on.

Ever wondered why Instagram hair always looks so good? It’s thanks to “4D hair color,” what Rez told Byrdie are the magic words everyone in L.A. says to get their color. Despite what it sounds like, the technique doesn’t have anything to do with holographic hues or unicorn hair, but the “four elements of contrast that create dimension,” which is everything for super-natural looking highlights.

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