How to Get Jessica Biel’s Elvis-Inspired Hairstyle

By October 4, 2017Create the Look, In the News
How to Get Jessica Biel's Elvis-Inspired Hairstyle

“The way that I think about hair is that it’s like architecture,” Adir Abergel told E! News. “If you don’t create the right foundation from the beginning, everything else collapses.”

Adir is much like an architect. His looks are carefully planned, detail-oriented and, in case of Jessica Biel’s 2017 Emmys hair, stand tall. You will often find his styles on the red carpet, complementing the beauty of celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon, Emma Roberts, Rooney Mara,Marion Cotillardand more. But, his styling is constantly changing, due to his constant pursuit for inspiration and modernization of iconic looks.

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