2 Sombre Formulas & Techniques

By September 20, 2015Create the Look

Sombre, or soft ombre, has been a beauty buzzword for a few seasons now, and it’s really taking hold with clients across the country. The understated color style allows for an easy transition between seasons and low-maintenance color.

Redken is adding to its Chromatics line to make sombre creation that much easier.

  • Chromatics Mocha 6M: Inspired by hot chocolate and uses warmer tones that complement golden skin tones and medium to lighter bases.
  • Chromatics Mocha 4M: Rich, deep chocolate tone with a touch of red that works well on dark and medium bases.

“Sombre is a softer, more low-maintenance version of ombre that is universally flattering on all haircolors,” says Tracey Cunningham, Redken celebrity colorist. “Redken’s new Chromatics Mocha shades help to create a rich base color with highlights that can be toned with the New Shades EQ Gloss natural warm shades, creating a beautiful blended color similar to that of Jessica Biel.”

Cunningham uses the sombre technique with Redken’s Blur Brush on Redken muses Amber Le Bon, model and DJ, and Ashley Moore, model. The Blur Brush blends two different shades together without disturbing formulas, and finishing with Shades EQ Gloss natural warm shades controls contrast and extends color’s lifespan.

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