Khloe Kardashian Admits She Dyed Her Hair Dark To Fit In With Her Sisters

By January 5, 2016Beauty, In the News
John Russo for NewBeauty and Donaldson Collection Via Getty Images

As the cover star of NewBeauty Magazine’s Winter-Spring 2016 Issue, Khloe opens up about how she changed her hair color so that she could blend in with her siblings.

“I am naturally dirty blonde, and I always was light and then went dark before we started filming, and I was kind of identified with always being dark like my sisters were.”

Khloe underwent a physical transformation over the years to achieve a stronger and healthier body, and now she has eventually returned to her lighter roots. She said in the interview, “It was more out of laziness but I liked it and stuck with the ombré theme. When I started losing weight and started feeling better about myself, I was more willing to try different things, and I was ready to make a change and stand out more.”

Now sporting a bleached blonde lob perfected by celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham, Khloe says her new hair makes her”feel bright and healthy.” But she’s not totally against the idea of going back to brunette.

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