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By February 10, 2016#TCFAV, Where are they now

Lucianna says the number ONE tip she took with her from assisting Tracey was,

“Never say NO – it is the reason for ones success”

Lucianna Pezzolo was introduced to Tracey when she was a color assistant at Cutler salon in New York City and was tending to her East Coast clientele.

“From the moment I met Tracey she took me under her wing like a fairy god mother. I was a young girl from Staten Island just starting my career”.

As time went on Pezzolo became a full time colorist building her clientele, with her proclaimed “fairy godmother”, Tracey,  sending her clients and recommending her as a “go to” colorist for her people to see when in New York.

Lucianna says,

“It was unbelievable,  I was doing some of the most sought after celebrity clients and meeting the most influential people one could imagine, building a great roster”.

As time went by Lucianna wanted a change of cities, she called her mentor and announced her decision to move to LA, to switch gears and experience new things. “Tracey practically hung up on me, she said – Do you really want to give up everything you have? No, you’re not moving, you’re staying in New York!” CLICK! “Within 10 seconds Tracey  called me back and said – OK, you’re so young, just do it!”

Pezzolo arrived in L.A. and had the support, still as constant as ever, from Cunningham. Wherever Tracey could help, she did. “I would work with her anytime – between whirling around the salon or early/late house calls or literally anything she needed. I just wanted to be around her, I could watch her work forever”.

Lucianna adds  that there has never been a time that she didn’t learn something new from Tracey with regards to day to day life and the business of hair.

Presently, Lucianna Pezzolo, is now working on a daytime live talk show, is a member of the Make-up Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Local 706 and she continues to do house calls for clients in L.A and New York.

“I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to my fairy godmother, Tracey”

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