Meet Tracey’s Friend, Dr. Carly LeVine

By February 13, 2016#TCFAV

“Put your best face forward”

You look at your calendar and you see “2pm Dental Appointment”. OK, let’s admit it, that little prompt doesn’t normally put a skip in our step and possibly has one thinking of wild excuses to cancel said appointment! Well, wait just a second, because after you read about my “Dentist Extraordinaire” – Dr. Carly LeVine, you’ll be lining up to visit her and her state of the art practice, in the Pacific Palisades, to achieve that smile you deserve!

One of LA’s top – ranked, oral Doctors, Carly LeVine is not your typical Dentist. Her effortless bedside manor, mastery in the world of aesthetic enhancements – bringing the latest advancements in dental care and cosmetic procedure – she assures outstanding results in the scope of naturalness and beauty behind your smile.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Dr. Carly first attended the University of Miami, where she received her undergraduate degree in psychology, biology and chemistry. LeVine, armed with an acute understanding of humanistic behavior, soon turned her interest in the field of cosmetic surgery and headed west to Los Angeles, California. Graduating at the top of her class at USC – the nations # 1 school for dentistry – LeVine received her degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Dr. Carly believes that building upon your natural oral aesthetics is something that you not only want, but deserve! With today’s cosmetic enhancements in high demand, a resounding number of patients look to LeVine for several dental services.

“There is new meanings to putting your best face forward and it begins with your smile” explains Dr. Carly. Her philosophy as a cosmetic dentist is simple: assuming necessary measures to ensure the safety and care of their patient’s health and comfort with minimally invasive dentistry and personalized treatment plans for each client.

“It is quite common for people to notice the attractiveness or unattractiveness of an individual’s smile”, says Dr. Carly. “We meet new people everyday and with that initial impression, it is vital that we showcase a bright, healthy-looking smile.”

As one of the youngest practitioners in her field, she ensures that each smile makeover is with the utilization of the highest quality dental treatments and state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Carly performs procedures including teeth whitening, fillings, dental implant restoration, full mouth restoration, permanent bridges, denture, as well as porcelain crowns, inlays, on lays and veneers. Dr. Carly is also trained in Invisalign treatments.

“Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting field with constant changes in practices. I empathize with the concerns of my patients who want to achieve natural enhancements, safely, with subtle changes to their appearance” says Dr. Carly.

“Discovering improvements in science and techniques in my field is an incredible reward, especially when my patients are pleased with the results.”

When not changing the smiles and ultimately lives of her clients at her Pacific Palisades clinic, LeVine works at USC as an adjunct professor, she also devotes her efforts and expertise to the USC Mobile Dental Clinic, a philanthropic endeavor that provides oral health services to the doorstep of undeserved areas for children.

What makes Dr. Carly smile? Her husband and two year old daughter.

What sets Dr. Carly LeVine apart? I’ll give you 10 reasons:

  1. Dr. Carly works with Michel Magne, renowned dental technician from Switzerland and his private lab, 901 Oral Design.
  2. Saliva Testing! Oral DNA Labs runs a test that we perform by taking a sample of saliva to determine if there are bacteria in the mouth that can be a precursor to heart disease or other periodontal disease.
  3. Botox in the jaw muscles! This relaxes the TMJ and helps with headaches, clenching and grinding.
  4. Nu Calm! Dr. Carly uses this technology in the offices now for patients. It is a safe, proven neuroscience technology that quickly relaxes you without using narcotics or controlled substances. One feels the effects in 3-5 minutes.
  5. Netflix streaming throughout ones procedure – good way to catch up on your shows!
  6. No noise! Noise cancelling headphones at each chair.
  7. Dr. Carly’s team are so engaging and relaxed – it’s like I’m going to a yoga class and not the dentist. Namaste.
  8. Dr. Carly has the best hair in the dental business!!
  9. Dr. Carly’s clinic is a one minute walk to Elyse Walker boutique!
  10. Dr. Carly is simply the best! Smiles for EVERYONE!

Visit Dr. Carly on IG @DrCarlyLeVine and her website
881 AlmaReal Drive, Suite T2, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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