Tracey’s Beauty Icon – Morgan Fairchild

By February 24, 2016#TCFAV

Photo Courtesy of Morgan Fairchild

“Tracey is just a treasure because she really cares about her clients and is sooo careful with the chemicals! After all, even though we want the glamour of the finished product, it IS all done with chemicals!! I really appreciate how attentive and careful Tracey is with all of us! She keeps up with all the latest techniques and products, and never just rests on her incredible laurels – which she easily could!!”

I am so lucky to say, actor and philanthropist, Morgan Fairchild, is my friend and my client, but before those two sentiments, she was and is my all time beauty icon!

Who DIDN’T adore Morgan as a teenager??

As a curly, headed, young girl living in Seattle – she summed up everything that was Hollywood, beauty and glamor to me. Through the 70’s and 80’s I was glued to the tv watching her on Falcon Crest, Paper Dolls, Flamingo Road, The Seduction, and so, so many others. Yes, indeed, I wanted her perfect, porcelain face, her crystal blue eyes, that perfect body and her lustrous, blonde, sexy hair!

Photos Courtesy of Morgan Fairchild

Morgan has been so kind to answer some questions I sent to her, but before that here is a little background story I’ll share with you on my beauty icon – Morgan Fairchild.

You know I’m always super busy, I normally have 3 clients going at the same time, people swarming around me, never even a second to have lunch or for that matter notice who’s in the salon getting their hair styled. One day, many years ago, Morgan came up to me and very matter of fact said, “Hey Tracey, do you have a problem with me? Are we ok?” I stared at her perfect face for what seemed like 20 minutes, mouth opened – getting panicked – I snapped back to the whirling noise of the hair dryers and chatter and with a red face, apologetically, exclaimed, “Oh, NO, Morgan not at all – absolutely not!” She then replied, “Well, when I’m here, I try to get your attention, but you turn away and then I notice you staring at me and I didn’t know if I had offended you in some way????”

Well – you could have knocked me over with a feather, never has Ms. Fairchild ever offended me! Here’s the truth, when she was in the salon I couldn’t help but stare at her, she was, as already expressed, my all time idol and I was such a huge fan!! So, yes, I would get a little shy when I would notice her at the salon and without realizing I would stare – and I guess hard! I explained my predicament to her and we had a giggle, she said she was a fan of mine too! Now she just lets me stare at her without feeling uncomfortable! Ha! Thank You Morgan!! @morgfair

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  • Nicole Rolland says:

    Hi Tracey love adore you and your work!! I was wondering if you could give any color tips/ideas for women 40+ … Most of these women are covering grey and and still need to do that but I would love some new ideas of how to give them some fun ideas but some
    Of the root shading etc that is trendy doesn’t appeal to them! And as they are our bread and butter coming in almost monthly for those appts I want to keep them coming back for more!! BTW love more than anything that you are doing the live stream classes.. You are sent from heaven… Omg sorry another side note… You mentioned people might be getting bored of you posting formulas on Instagram and I have to say a big fat no to that ! I love it! Can’t get enough of it ! Thanks for being such a generous artist and sharing your knowledge! So admiring!

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