The haircare tips you’ll need if you’re thinking of going grey

From Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek to Ariana Grande, grey hair is officially on trend. But how do you recreate the grey look or make the most of it if you are going grey? Vogue speaks to the experts about how best to maintain grey hair.

Society has historically put a premium on youth. Going grey was a symbol of advanced age and “letting go”, but now the stigma that comes with silver strands is rapidly fading away—and embracing a natural pewter palette no longer implies that someone has “given up”, but instead is making a statement of confidence and ownership. “Growing up, my grandma used to go have her hair shampooed and set every week, and every four weeks she’d have her hair coloured,” Josh Wood, founder and CEO of Josh Wood Colour and Redken global colour creative director tells Vogue. “It became almost like a utility to her, this idea of covering grey hair. I think today that is such an old-fashioned concept. The idea of completely blanketing out the grey hair denies one’s personality.”


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